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Prototype turnkey PCB assembly Services in China

Have you tried turnkey prototype PCB assembly Services in China? You can expect a significant drop in the total cost but the services are impressive. As a full turnkey proto assembly, the service provider will handle the PCB manufacturing, parts procurement and final assembly even if the quantity is from 1 to 10 boards. It is very essential to have a prototype PCB to be built and assembled for every new design so that it is tested and verified before putting it into mass production. It is hard to find a company dedicated to this because most of the PCB assembly companies prefer to have volume orders rather than dealing with a small orders.

It is therefore hard to find a company that does prototype turnkey PCB assembly at a reasonable price while maintaining the high quality and precision. Bittele Electronics is one good choice for you. They offer Prototype turnkey PCB services at very reasonable price and turnaround time.

They have the production facility in China that uses latest tools and equipments with a highly skilled workforce. The assembly process is mixed automated and uses manual placement of parts only when the parts are in bulk packaging. They also have a leaded and lead free process which is chosen according to the requirements of the client. All designs undergo a DFM review and check before they are sent to manufacturing.

Here is a simple comparison between the prototype turnkey prices in North America and China. prototype turnkey prices
The specifications of the board used for the comparison are size: 2×2 inches, 2 layers, 1oz/1oz and 0.062 thickness.

And the following table describes the type of parts used for this comparison. type of parts

Apart from manufacturing and assembling of the PCB, Bittele also deals with parts procurement. They have relationships with a number of suppliers spread across North America as well as in Asia and can help in buying of all kinds of parts from electronic components to fasteners, wires, etc.

To obtain a quote for turnkey proto assembly, please visit the website www.7pcb.com and instant online quote is available.

Note: This quote does not include the handling and freight charges.
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