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BGA Rework Services in Canada

Bittele Electronics offers exclusive BGA rework services in Canada. Generally, BGA rework comes into picture when insufficient or needless solder joints are created during PCB assembly process. Therefore, most of the consumers contact us for this kind of services, as it is a cumbersome job to find an electronic contract manufacturer offering this service. We have up to date technology and superior capability to offer better quality BGA rework services.

We have trained our resources to meet BGA rework specifications. We have qualified staff who can handle almost all kinds of BGAs i.e. from very tiny BGAs 2 mm X 3 mm to big range BGAs 45 mm, from ceramic BGAs to plastic BGAs. Our engineers are even competent to place lowest 0.4 mm pitch BGAs on the board by following defined procedures and methods.

We have formulated and defined extensive steps to carry out BGA rework function. Our first step is to eliminate parts, and then the site is prepared by applying solder paste. Subsequently, we put back BGA and commence the reflow process. BGA rework activity is performed with utmost care by our team. We ensure zero errors in the reworked PCBs by using latest inspection equipments.

We take extreme care during BGA rework quality inspection with the use of sophisticated quality checking tools. Bittele has hard-working technicians with vast experience who use various board rework methods, techniques and processes for inspection of circuit boards. We use x-ray equipment to detect various mistakes happened during BGA assembly. Furthermore, we have engaged talented engineers to use 2D X-rays to deliver 3D images, which helps to check the issues i.e. board broken vias in the inner layers, BGA balls cold solder, etc. You can easily obtain a quote for BGA rework along with inspection details from our executives.

Obtaining a quote from our team is a convenient activity. You need to give us few compulsory details such as BGA specifications, turnaround time, quantity, etc. Our staff also needs Gerber files to generate a quotation for BGA rework. On receiving complete information, a formal quote will be released by our executives. You can even tell us your specific requirements.
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